Areas of Practice

Business Law

  • The Law Office of Welch/Muzio LLC provides services to businesses beginning with the creation or acquisition of a business and continuing throughout ownership.  There are many legal issues to address and an experienced business attorney will provide you with the information you need to make responsible and informed decisions.  We will assist you in selecting the form of ownership that will be most beneficial to you, draft documents and corporate votes, draft and review business and employment agreements and provide our clients with updated information and changes in the law that may affect their business.


Civil Litigation

  • The Law Office of Welch/Muzio LLC provides outstanding representation for clients including negotiating fair settlements to courtroom litigation.  We provide legal counsel, litigation and alternative dispute resolution services to individuals and business clients in a several areas including estates and probate, business disputes, breach of contract, residential and commercial real estate disputes, Attachments, Executions and Lis Pendens actions, Landlord-tenant disputes and family law.


Comprehensive Estate and Medicaid Planning Evaluations

  • The Law Office of Welch/Muzio LLC begins its representation of many clients with a comprehensive estate and long-term care planning evaluation.  This evaluation dictates the best planning strategies to pursue in order to meet the estate planning and long-term health care objectives of the client.  Our attorneys examine all aspects of the client’s financial well-being and issue a follow-up letter which summarizes the client’s unique situation, reviews the law and explains our recommendations for the best possible estate plan for the client.  The complex and ever-evolving rules of Medicaid play an increasingly important role with respect to traditional estate planning concerns.  A knowledge of elder law, therefore, is absolutely critical for a truly comprehensive estate planning evaluation and plan.


Estate and Trust Administration

  • The Law Office of Welch/Muzio LLC provides full representation of fiduciaries administering estates.  Probate administration includes filing the petition for appointment of the personal representative, preparing and filing the inventory of estate assets, paying decedent’s debts, distributing assets, filing tax returns and filing an account with the Probate Court.  If real property must be sold, the firm provides representation during the real estate transaction.


Estate Planning

  • The Law Office of Welch/Muzio LLC provides estate and retirement planning for clients of all ages and circumstances.  This may include long-term care and disability planning where appropriate, as well as trust services.  Services may include preparation and execution of a will, living will, health care proxy, power of attorney, revocable and irrevocable trusts.


Guardianship and Conservatorship Services

  • The Law Office of Welch/Muzio LLC represents clients seeking guardianship and conservatorship of relatives who can no loonger manage their personal or financial affairs and assists family members in fulfilling the duties imposed by these new roles.  If no family member is willing or available to fill this roll The Law Office of Welch/Muzio LLC attorneys act as guardian or conservator on a temporary or permanent basis.  The Law Office of Welch/Muzio LLC team consists of an attorney, paralegal and bookkeeper, along with a social worker as needed.  This expert team of professionals provides comprehensive monitoring of the ward’s medical, emotional, legal and financial needs.


Planning for People with Disabilities

  • The Law Office of Welch/Muzio LLC assists clients with disabilities with legal planning for their long-term needs and advises the parents or other family members of disabled persons on how they can effectively provide for them, with careful regard for preserving eligibility for Medicaid and other public benefits.  The firm provides information about planning options, drafts supplemental needs trusts and other documents as appropriate, and advises trustees of trusts for the benefit of disable persons concerning trust administration.


Real Estate Aquisition, Disposition and Financing

  • The Law Office of Welch/Muzio LLC represents sellers, buyers, borrowers and lending institutions in all real estate matters including commercial and residential acquisitions and dispositions, like-kind exchanges, 1031 exchanges, landlord/tenant relations, lending and refinancing and other secured transactions.  Services may include condominium conversion, draft or review purchase and sale agreements, setting up realty trusts, issuing title insurance and all other real estate matters.  Agents for CATIC.